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Rating Top user
Top quest doers DOK39RUS
Top unique quest doers antoha_asd[us]
Killed by players top МахчурБек_Харчкобреллович
Killed by NPC top Nya_Sha
Mutant food top DOK39RUS
Killed by anomalies top Бродяга7
Player killers top SuicideboyS
Quest NPC killers top Sertcool
Base captures: Private killers top ЭкСтРиМаЛкА[us]
Base captures: Corporal killers top antoha_asd[us]
Base captures: Sergeant killers top antoha_asd[us]
Artifact capture 1: Wins top ЛаврентийПалыч
Artifact capture 1: Loss top ЛаврентийПалыч
Artifact capture 1: Draw top 4eRn0biL_BanD1t
Artifact capture 2: Wins top Strel_OK
Artifact capture 2: Loss top Отзывчивый_Доктор
Artifact capture 2: Draw top praporchik
Artifact capture 3: Wins top xFENIKSx
Artifact capture 3: Loss top xFENIKSx
Artifact capture 3: Draw top Серега_Несси
Artifact capture 4: Wins top Roma1702
Artifact capture 4: Loss top Соулд
Artifact capture 4: Draw top Hamster_Killer
Survival 1: Wins top PopfaRU
Survival 1: Loss top ДеРзКаЯ_КиСоНьКа
Survival 1: Draw top Сосен
Survival 2: Wins top M1LkyWay
Survival 2: Loss top PAKOLOB
Survival 2: Draw top Perekatipole
Survival 3: Wins top drIm
Survival 3: Loss top 13maximus13
Survival 3: Draw top 13maximus13
Survival 4: Wins top ЭкСтРиМаЛкА[us]
Survival 4: Loss top ЭкСтРиМаЛкА[us]
Survival 4: Draw top ЭкСтРиМаЛкА[us]
Capture base. The gold arena: Wins top DFM
Capture base. The gold arena: Loss top Malkam