Great Artifact Miners Event

9 July, 2020
Once again the scientists of the Zone set their sights on the mystery of the formation of artifacts in the anomalies. Requests for help were sent to all stalkers.
From 11.07.20 (00:00 MSK) to 12.07.20 (23:59 MSK) pick up artifacts from anomalies as often as possible.
Only the first pick up of an artifact from anomaly is counting, while artifacts that stalkers themselves threw doesn't count.
The following artifacts of the "alpha" group are of interest to scientists: Screen, Pillow, Shield, Resin, Stabilizer, Vezuvius, Haze, Heater, Conductor. 
Stalkers of three servers (RU, PvP, PvE), who will make the most pickups, will receive prizes:
1 place
Personal Safe
Big Set for Merchants (60 days)
2 place
Portable Magnetic Grip Device (pers., 90 days)
"Graphite Black Camouflage" Dye
3 place
Box of Humanitarian Aid - 5 pcs.
The first 15 stalkers in the top will get special prize:
"A-Zone" Pin - 30 pcs.
Good luck!